Facing the Finish Line: Behind the Scenes with J+CO LA

Livin’ Like Larz

Meet Larz, a 19 year old free spirit with so much pizazz it’s contagious! This girl is awesome. While we were shooting, she was fearlessly climbing on fixtures, laying on train tracks, and striking the best poses with no reservation. And how cute is her flower crown? She makes them herself and will be opening a shop soon where part of the proceeds go to Children’s Cancer. At such a young age this girl is already a rock star!…

Livin Like Larz_1500

Livin Like Larz_1531A little over a week ago I woke up eager to shoot with J+CO LA. I jumped out of bed, tousled my hair (per usual), threw on a little bronzer and mascara ready  begin the race. My mind was flying, and my heart was pumping- it was a big day. I called a lyft, and jammed to Kanye West as I drove down the coast to the shoot. The wind was blowing through my hair. It was LARZ in LA- where I belong.  As soon as the car pulled up to my final destination , I knew this was it.


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Races are more fun when you’re chasing.

Your eyes are closed, your arms are pumping.

You have no control of your final place.

All you can do is give every bit of blood, sweat, and tears , until you get to your “finish line”

In life, there are many finish lines.

Each finish line is the beginning to a new race.

I was running.

Livin Like Larz_1517

I was running.

What looked like a white industrial building was my blank canvas. I was about to create pure art, with a new set of utensils, in a different world.

When I walked in, I was welcomed by Enocha, the super stella’ fashionista who set up the shoot. I walked into the warehouse, where I was surrounded by a plethora of clothing, designers, and sketches.

This was the real deal.

I kept racing, as I picked a couple of pieces that I loved! We journeyed to a set of abandon rail road tracks where I got to WERK IT.




I felt empowered.

I believe in J+ CO LA not only because of their look, but their story- “This Los Angeles based brand incorporates muses from all over the world, pushes limits, and empowers young women to freely express themselves”


Livin Like Larz_1545


J+CO LA embraces expression, individuality, and creativity.

Here’s to another finish line. 

Link to the full feature: http://www.jco.la/blog/portfolio/livin-like-larz/